Episode: 7 See Jane Disrupt Silicon Valley with Sarah Kunst

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Investor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and one hell of an advocate for diversity in the startup space, for the equal treatment of women, and for the cessation of sexual harassment in the workforce.

...and that’s just the START of her resume!

My guest on today's show is Sarah Kunst and I can't tell you what a pleasure it's been to know her.  In addition to being everything listed above, Sarah is also also a contributing editor at Marie Claire Magazine. Her philanthropic interests include the boards of Michigan State University Foundation Endowment. She has been recognized all over the place for her work, for starts Forbes Magazine 30 under 30, The Wall St. Journal, and Fortune. The list of this woman's accolades just goes on and on.

Sarah was also featured in a New York Times article that really got the Me Too movement moving along. It wasn't the first one, but it was right there at the beginning and she and several other founders with their stories took down some pretty big heads of VC firms because they didn't want this stuff going unwritten about, unspoken about, and she's done so much to diversify the startup space. It's a pleasure to welcome Sarah Kunst to the program.


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Notable Moments:

  • Find out more about Sarah’s role in confronting sexual harassment in Silicon Valley in a New York Times piece that helped fuel the #metoo movement
  • What Sarah wants women to consider before they come forward with their own #metoo stories
  • Learn how Sarah uses her experience as both an investor and entrepreneur to advise startups.
  • How Sarah wants women to take a page from the playbook men seem to use
  • Find out what Sarah believes is a worse fate than having your company fail
  • Learn why we both get turned off by sloppy pitch decks

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