Episode: 19 See Jane Diversify Mentoring with Janice Omadeke


How can Fortune 1000 companies look at people in tech, women, and diverse populations as something more than a box to check, and actually diversify the workplace in a real way?

Today’s guest, Janice Omadeke, tackles that very question. I met Janice while judging the SXSW 2018 start-up night, and she was so impressive that I actually really wanted her to go on and win the whole thing. She ended up taking home third, which is still really notable.

Janice is the founder of The Mentor Method, which is an enterprise SAS Platform that matches diverse talent to mentors in Fortune 1000 companies. Besides just matching talent, she helps these companies with their inclusion and retention. She works tirelessly to ensure that companies aren’t just giving lip service to the idea of diversity, rather they’re making sure that diverse talent pools have a real sense of inclusion.

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Notable Moments:

  • Janice addresses what sets The Mentor Method apart.
  • Hear about the algorithm that reduces implicit bias and makes a stronger mentorship match.
  • Listen to Janice break down what companies lose by not being inclusive and how they are accidentally promoting turnover.
  • We discuss the role that natural instinct and intuition plays.
  • Janice fills me in on her journey and what she’s been doing since SXSW.
  • Find out how Janice’s father helped shape her love of technology

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