Episode: 15 See Jane Have a Baby With Alison Mitzner


Have you noticed that there are just some things no one tells you about having a baby?

How do you balance your hormonal changes, new schedule, and new responsibility with your existing career duties? After I had my son in 2017, I got to thinking about what working women deal with after they have a baby.

That’s why I’m so excited to welcome pediatrician Alison Mitzner to the show today. She is a board certified pediatrician, and received her medical degree from the State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse. After completing her pediatric residency, and practicing general pediatrics for five years, she moved into the pharmaceutical industry.

Now she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences as a pediatrician and mom with other moms and dads, in addition to supporting moms-to-be. She's contributed to various online websites and blogs, including the Huffington Post, Fit Pregnancy, Reader's Digest, Parents, Self, and more.

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Notable Moments:

  • Hear how Alison moved from practicing pediatrics to educating on children’s health and fitness.
  • Listen as she shares how she handled maternity leave and working with a newborn.
  • Learn the importance of caring for yourself as the parent during the first few postpartum months.
  • Alison shares how changes (like hair loss, baby fat retention, energy shifts, etc.) are normal postpartum -- but rarely talked about.
  • Hear all about our mommy-brain moments.
  • Learn Alison’s dos and don’ts when it comes to fitness postpartum.
  • The importance of “unplugged” time.

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