Episode: 22 See Jane Invest in Retail with Sapna Shah

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One of the cool things about being an angel investor is that you're surrounded by some pretty incredible colleagues. Today’s guest, Sapna Shah, is certainly one of these people!

Sapna is an Angel Investor who, like me, has made a point of investing in female founders and other founders who are underrepresented. On top of that, she has zeroed in on tech, fashion tech, and e-commerce startups. She's the founder of Retail X Series, a co-founder of independent equity research firm Retail Eye Partners and the menswear startup Mind the Chap. She's also held executive strategy roles at Linens 'n Things and Ann Taylor.

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Notable Moments:

  • How Sapna “accidentally” fell into retail 21 years ago.

  • Her first two startups in the e-commerce space.

  • What's different in the retail space compared to a tech startup or a medical startup.

  • Determining if something is best suited for e-commerce or retail.

  • How e-commerce brands like All Birds and Casper are competing against retail brands.

  • The genesis of Retail X.

  • How she answers questions about building businesses on Facebook vs. Instagram.

  • Some things that she’s excited about in the retail startup space right now.

  • The Google networking community she started.

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