Episode: 21 See Jane Mompreneur with Jasmine Simms & Dr. Tammira Lucas

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While See Jane Invest has lead me to some amazing, far off places, some of the most inspiring people I meet are in my own backyard.

Today's guests, Jasmine Simms and Dr. Tammira Lucas, are fellow Baltimorians who founded MAE (Moms As Entrepreneurs).

After being pushed to meet by family and friends, Jasmine and Tammira connected and realized they had a lot in common. While from different backgrounds, they both have a passion for helping moms create wealth that can be passed down from generation to generation. I also really admire them for the work they've done with low-income communities, making sure that families from parts of the inner city continue to build legacies.

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Notable Moments:

  • Dr. Tammira Lucas and Jasmine Simms give their background and tell how they met

  • Jasmine talks about Scrub Nail Boutique (her first business) and how it lead to what she does now

  • Tammira shares when she first realized the need for resources for mom entrepreneurs

  • They talk about Baltimore and how it shaped the way they developed their program

  • Jasmine details what it was like to sit next to Warren Buffett at the roundtable on MSNBC

  • Tammira shares lessons she’s learned from the women in their program

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