Episode: 3 See Jane Make More with Farnoosh Torabi

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Okay all you women of high octane ambition, see if this rings a bell . . . 

Did you want to say “I do” to the guy of your dreams only to scream “I don’t get it!” when your earning potential left him in the dust along with some serious skid marks over your relationship?

What happens to promising dates, a blossoming romance or even an entire marriage when she makes more?

Our guest today, Farnoosh Torabi, isn’t afraid to get to the heart of this issue. Not only is she one of America’s leading authorities on personal finance and host of the hit podcast So Money, but she has lived this particular dilemma.

On today’s episode, she joins us to talk about her book When She Makes More. We talk about how she and I both created a career and a family that honors our drive and our desire to share it with people we love and support us, while navigating the pitfalls of a society that hasn’t caught up with high earning women.


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Notable Moments:

  • How Farnoosh’s own experience as her family’s breadwinner made her want to write a book for other women who made more than their husbands
  • Why the paradigm shift of women making more than men is both full of peril and opportunity for couples depending on how they approach it
  • Why men might be craving the opportunity to be seen as natural caregivers
  • What gets glamorized in startup culture about going broke and how to avoid it

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