Episode: 4 See Jane Crowdfund with Aja Atwood

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“So in order to get ourselves to this point, we did a lot of self funding.”

When people think of startups, they often imagine ideas written on napkins and late nights brainstorming in the basement.  I assure you, Aja Atwood’s start up, Trella, is not your average startup. She’s light years ahead of the curve creating solutions to indoor farming needs and specifically the space concerns in urban farming.  How amazing is that?!

Aja’s business ethos is driven by the belief that success is rooted in innovative technologies that can be shared with the communities that need them the most.  And that belief is the catalyst behind Trella and the crowdfunding campaign she’s currently spearheading in to fund the latest prototype of her revolutionary plant training system.

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Notable Moments:

  • Find out how Aja and her co-founder designed a product that can revolutionize indoor growing practices anywhere, but especially in urban areas.
  • Learn why Aja is committed to helping cannabis growers and supporting the medical marijuana industry.
  • Discover how Aja’s career as an engineer prepared her for entrepreneurship
  • Learn why an Indiegogo contribution based crowdfunding campaign was the best choice for Trella.

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Trella on Social Media:  Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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