Episode: 0 See Jane Start A Podcast With Kelly Keenan Trumpbour

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Welcome to the See Jane Invest Podcast.

Women like you are launching their own companies, securing funding, growing successful businesses, and trying to have a life among the hustle. I’ve seen it all play out when I advise women led companies in my work as an angel investor, venture capitalist and film producer. I’ve worked with some of the most diverse, rebellious, innovative and creative entrepreneurial minds in business today. In this weekly podcast, I invite these investors, founders and influencers who are shaking things up to share their stories and wisdom. But this show is more than just pitch advice. These conversations are about the women who are unsatisfied with just a seat at the table, and instead want to take over the whole damn lunchroom.

See Jane Invest in her idea.
See Jane Invest in her community.

See Jane.
Invest in her.

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