Episode: 11 See Jane Have a Relationship with Marla Mattenson


It's one heck of a balancing act to try to make sure that your love life and your professional life work smoothly.

How often have you wondered how your relationship and your work life fit together? What happens when the person you're in love with, dating, or married to is also someone you work with?

I know so many of you are excited to hear from today’s guest, relationship and intimacy expert Marla Mattenson. Over her 23 year long career, she's helped more than 12,000 couples, including Academy Award winning actors, producers and directors, NBA players and coaches, Grammy Award winning artists, and millionaire entrepreneurs.

She and I dig into what makes an entrepreneur couple different from your average couple, and draw on her unique gift of working with couples to transform their negative habitual patterns. Marla uses her neuroscience and a mathematics background to work with couples, and she practices what she preaches by running a business with her husband!

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Notable Moments:

  • Hear how Marla fell into this fantastic (and so needed) niche.
  • Learn how to tell if someone is a good match for you right from the beginning.
  • Marla shares why angel investors get squeamish when working with married business partners.
  • Understand why you don't need to have exactly the same ambition level as your partner.
  • Learn about “exquisite attention” and how Marla uses it when couples hit a rough patch.

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