Episode: 17 See Jane Work at Microsoft with Tereza Nemessanyi


One of the gold standards for having “made it” in the entrepreneurial world is if you get invited by a giant corporation to be their Entrepreneur-In-Residence. It's quite a coveted gig, because it means you've done things so well that a corporation wants to know how you think and what you do. Well, today’s guest just happens to be Microsoft's Entrepreneur-In-Residence!

Tereza Nemessanyi has helped high growth startups go further and faster by leveraging frontier technologies and scale distribution channels. She helps entrepreneurs understand how Microsoft's products might help them, and helps Microsoft understand the way startups are thinking. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

She has worked with a ton of incredible companies at senior levels, including PWC, IBM, The Walt Disney Company, Unilever, Symphony, IRI, Interpublic Group and the Inter-American developmental bank. In addition, Tereza was named a Forbes 10 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2011 and its top 40 over 40.

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Notable Moments:

  • Hear about Tereza’s journey to Entrepreneur-In-Residence
  • Learn how in-kind investments can be quite substantial and and helpful
  • Tereza shares the end goals of her relationship with Microsoft
  • Listen to how she set up a process for great people to refer startups
  • Learn about Tereza’s involvement with synthetic biology and bio-fabrication
  • Tereza shares how important a growth mindset is

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