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Episode: 17 See Jane Work at Microsoft with Tereza Nemessanyi

One of the gold standards for having “made it” in the entrepreneurial world is if you get invited by a giant corporation to be their Entrepreneur-In-Residence. It's quite a coveted gig, because it means you've done things so well that a corporation wants to know how you think and what you do. Well, today’s guest just happens to be Microsoft's Entrepreneur-In-Residence!

Tereza Nemessanyi has helped high growth startups go further and faster by leveraging frontier technologies and scale distribution channels. She helps entrepreneurs understand how Microsoft's products might help them, and helps Microsoft understand the way startups are thinking. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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Episode: 14 See Jane Angel Invest with Alicia Syrett

If you’ve ever wondered what advisory board members are, how to tell when you need them, or where to find them, you’re in the right spot.

You should also stick around if you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to get your startup noticed -- straight from an angel investor focused on women entrepreneurs.

Today’s guest is Alicia Syrett, founder of Point 25 Initiative, a mentorship program for women entrepreneurs seeking advisory board members. She is also the founder and CEO of Pantegrion Capital, an angel investment vehicle focused on seed and early stage investments.

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Episode: 5 See Jane Represent: with Shayne Veramallay

Inspire, Educate, and Activate

These are the 3 core pillars of REPRESENT:, the foundation that Shayne Veramally is spearheading with Kweku Mandela: grandson of Nelson Mandela.  Instead of immortalizing Mandela with a statue or school named after him, Shayne and REPRESENT: aim to live out Mandela’s legacy by empowering the next generation with the goal of creating a more just and equitable future.

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