Episode: 12 See Jane Learn Blockchain with Caitlin Copple Masingill & Jamie Iguchi

Have you wondered what the deal with cryptocurrency is? Are you looking for a way to get involved with the blockchain revolution, but don’t quite understand it? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, of the $85 billion invested in Bitcoin last year, women only accounted for $5 billion.

Today’s guests, Caitlin Copple Masingill and Jamie Iguchi are co-founders (along with other women) of Token Women Project -- A platform dedicated to helping women participate fully in the blockchain revolution.

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Episode: 11 See Jane Have a Relationship with Marla Mattenson

It's one heck of a balancing act to try to make sure that your love life and your professional life work smoothly.

How often have you wondered how your relationship and your work life fit together? What happens when the person you're in love with, dating, or married to is also someone you work with?

I know so many of you are excited to hear from today’s guest, relationship and intimacy expert Marla Mattenson. Over her 23 year long career, she's helped more than 12,000 couples, including Academy Award winning actors, producers and directors, NBA players and coaches, Grammy Award winning artists, and millionaire entrepreneurs.

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Episode: 10 See Jane Rock Single Mom Life with Emma Johnson

Single mothers don't get the credit they deserve for how much they're shaping our culture, our economy, and the next generation.

The reality is that more and more families are the product of single mothers, and it’s time we recognize that and add diversity into the business space.

Today’s guest, Emma Johnson, is a champion for newly divorced women who need to find their way to financial independence and wealth. She has some strong opinions about how women need to hold each other accountable, and while I cheer her on for some of them, you’ll hear me challenge her on others. But for the most part, I think she's doing some pretty fantastic work.

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Episode: 9 See Jane Play Nice with Fran Hauser

Does being “too nice” work against you in business?

Is being nice a detriment if you're a woman with ambition? Do you become someone you hate in order to succeed in your career?

Today’s guest, Fran Hauser, doesn’t think so. Author of The Myth of the Nice Girl, she believes women in business can present their whole self, be grounded in what they do, and not have to compromise their sense of what it means to be a compassionate person with empathy.

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Episode: 8 See Jane Save with Jennifer Barrett

“Anyone can build wealth”

This is the principle that Acorns, a micro-investment app that lets people automatically invest spare change from debit and credit card purchases, was founded on.  Today, I’m speaking with Jennifer Barrett who is the Chief Education Officer at Acorns and Editor-in-Chief of its editorial site, Grow.

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Episode: 7 See Jane Disrupt Silicon Valley with Sarah Kunst

Investor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and one hell of an advocate for diversity in the startup space, for the equal treatment of women, and for the cessation of sexual harassment in the workforce.

...and that’s just the START of her resume!

My guest on today's show is Sarah Kunst and I can't tell you what a pleasure it's been to know her.  In addition to being everything listed above, Sarah is also also a contributing editor at Marie Claire Magazine. Her philanthropic interests include the boards of Michigan State University Foundation Endowment. She has been recognized all over the place for her work, for starts Forbes Magazine 30 under 30, The Wall St. Journal, and Fortune. The list of this woman's accolades just goes on and on.

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Episode: 6 See Jane Get Fit with Jen Gottlieb

What does a role in the National Tour of The Wedding Singer have to do with fitness and mindset? For Jen Gottlieb, everything!

Jen is a body and mindset transformation expert who specializes in working with people who are driven. In this episode, Jen and I discuss how her love for fitness and nutrition lead her to becoming a personal trainer and how, the sense of disconnect Jen experienced around her true self and the image she was known for ignited a new calling. (hint: it’s often the missing link to success in most people’s wellness journeys.)

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Episode: 5 See Jane Represent: with Shayne Veramallay

Inspire, Educate, and Activate

These are the 3 core pillars of REPRESENT:, the foundation that Shayne Veramally is spearheading with Kweku Mandela: grandson of Nelson Mandela.  Instead of immortalizing Mandela with a statue or school named after him, Shayne and REPRESENT: aim to live out Mandela’s legacy by empowering the next generation with the goal of creating a more just and equitable future.

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Episode: 4 See Jane Crowdfund with Aja Atwood

When people think of startups, they often imagine ideas written on napkins and late nights brainstorming in the basement.  I assure you, Aja Atwood’s start up, Trella, is not your average startup. She’s light years ahead of the curve creating solutions to indoor farming needs and specifically the space concerns in urban farming.  How amazing is that?!

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Episode: 3 See Jane Make More with Farnoosh Torabi

Okay All You Women Of High Octane Ambition, See If This Rings A Bell . . . 

Did you want to say “I do” to the guy of your dreams only to scream “I don’t get it!” when your earning potential left him in the dust along with some serious skid marks over your relationship?

What happens to promising dates, a blossoming romance or even an entire marriage when she makes more?

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Episode: 2 See Jane Enjoy Sex Ed with Polly Rodriguez

Can a sex toy startup qualify as a social impact company?

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Especially when that company was founded by women, for women and femme identifying women  (in ALL stages of life, not just the tight and perky years), by a female founder who had to reclaim her sexual well being after a devastating diagnosis opened her eyes to how often women feel marginalized when it comes to whole body health and enjoyment.

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Episode: 1 See Jane Network with Kelly Hoey

How Do You Solve Your Own Problem? What's The Problem That You See Out There That You Are Uniquely Positioned To Provide The Answer To?

Our guest today, Kelly Hoey, answers these and more questions in the way only she can. Not only is she a dear friend and fellow featured guest on CNBC's Power Pitch together, she's also a former attorney with an amazing shoe collection! While her background is in angel investing (New York Angels and others), Kelly is moving into the author/speaking world with her first book, Build Your Dream Network.

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Episode: 0 See Jane Start A Podcast With Kelly Keenan Trumpbour

Welcome to the See Jane Invest Podcast. I am so excited to present the inaugural episode of this podcast.  I'm an angel investor & venture capitalist who backs businesses founded by women because I believe in creating diversity and inclusion in places of power. So if you're craving a conversation that goes beyond fighting for a seat at the table and instead talks about how to take over the whole lunchroom, get ready to See Jane Invest in her idea, See Jane Invest in her community, See Jane Invest in her!

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